Feeding your child until he/she is satisfied is not enough to consider that they are getting enough nutrition for their body. Although being over-weight or obese are serious issues, there are far much worse consequences that can come as a result of poor nutrition. The scary thing is that some of these illnesses are irreversible.

The following are some examples of the different types of illnesses that can be developed as a result of poor nutrition:



Anemia is a serious problem and it can come with a lot of undesired health results. Anemia is an illness that causes a person’s blood to become weak. They have a hard time replacing blood and this leads to some serious problems. Anemia can cause problems such as shortness of breath. It can also cause dangerous problems such as getting light headed or even fainting when standing. People with anemia will also have a faster heart beat and they will feel weak and tired the majority of the time.



Beriberi is an illness that affects an individual’s ability to turn food into usable energy. This illness is caused by a thiamine deficiency. This disease can actually cause a person to completely lose their appetite and this can be very dangerous for your child’s health if they stop eating. Beriberi also causes serious problems such as severe weakness. This weakness is even worse in the legs. Those who have Beriberi have a hard time trying to do the simplest things such as standing up.



Having a diet that consists of unhealthy food combined with a lack of exercise is a recipe for diabetes. This is especially true for people who have diabetes that already runs in their family. If diabetes is hereditary in your family, it is very important that you make sure that your children are eating a nutritional diet. Diabetes is a very serious disease and it can cause some very serious negative health issues. In most cases, diabetes cannot be cured it can only be managed. I’m sure that you do not want your child to have to be inconvenienced by a life of counting carbs and measuring insulin shots. In severe cases, diabetes can even lead to limbs needing to be amputated as a result of gangrene and even death. There are some more common symptoms of diabetes and the following are a few examples.

Early diabetes will cause a person to always feel thirsty. They will notice that they always feel tired and that they urinate on a more frequent basis. They will often have an appetite that cannot be satisfied and will also experience periods of weight loss. Later more serious symptoms would include periods of blurry vision. They may also experience frequent headaches and periods of dizziness. People with diabetes can develop sores on the bottom of their feet that do not heal, in extreme cases this can lead to amputation.

The fear of your child catching any sickness is something that any one of you doesn’t want. You’d rather have your child’s place to prevent them from experiencing the dilemma of getting that illness. So being aware of the consequences of having poor nutrition is a way for you to plan how to cope up and prevent them.






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