Burger. Pizza. Chocolates. These are some unhealthy foods which are very difficult to resist. I mean, who wouldn’t love eating those? It is as if can take away all your stress by eating those delicious food. When you see them on the menu, it’s like you are a slave and you cannot stop the urge of eating them.


Impulsive eating or rather – no discipline.

To build self discipline you need to become a master of your relationship with food. Once you do and food becomes a friend rather than a foe, here are what you can expect:

You Will Look Better. And if looking good isn’t important to you, it should be. The better you look, the more confidence you will be able to muster up and the more effective and successful you will ultimately be.


You Will Have Dramatically Increased Energy. Food is fuel. When you treat it like this most of the time, rather than as entertainment, you set your body up for optimal performance. No more energy crashes. No more need for two cups of coffee just to get going in the morning. This is the way your body was meant to operate and once you stop impulse eating and start paying attention to your diet, this is how your body WILL operate.



Your Mind Will Be Much More Clear. Junk food and constant grazing clouds the mind. Eating on a disciplined schedule and eating healthy will clear your mind and you will feel the benefits of this clarity in every aspect of your life. Who doesn’t want their mind working better? I know I look for every edge in this area that can be safely explored. If you’re interested in success, you should too.


So how do we stop being a slave to food? By taking these two steps…

First, we need to stop eating anything beyond three full meals a day. This means setting a meal schedule and STICKING to it. The simplest is the traditional breakfast, lunch and dinner. This will provide more than enough calories to keep you going, will give you the opportunity to crush any tendencies you have towards impulse eating and free up a huge amount of time and energy you would otherwise spend grazing like a herbivore. Which is something we don’t want to be when we are building our capacity towards self discipline!

Can you play with this part of the program? Yes, by eating LESS meals if you choose to. You can fast, intermittent fast, reduce your meals to two a day if you choose. What you can’t do is eat more than three times a day. Or snack. Or otherwise graze.

On to Step number 2. Start eating more healthy. Now providing an entire diet here, is well beyond the scope of our Guide and would probably only serve as a distraction. It should be an area you dive into after you have worked through the ideas I’ve presented, you’ve applied them and you have built up a mighty reserve of self discipline. Especially if you’re overweight.

If your decide to start doing the steps above, then you will be on the hardest part right away. But don’t be scared, all you need is an inspiration and do it as a fun way so you can get started right away. Because once you get used to it – be comfortable with it, you won’t even realize that you are becoming the master and can resist whatever deliciously -unhealthy food that will be serve in front of you.







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