Nowadays, people gets on dietary plans to increase their bodies sexiness and enhance their beauty. What most people neglect is that there are also food that they can eat to increase their intelligence.


The following herbs and supplements have been shown in some cases to assist with boosting brain activity and helping to raise your IQ:

  1. Gingko Biloba leaves or extracts are known to increase the blood flow to the brain. You can actually eat the leaves (the trees are found in a lot of parks), or buy supplements.
  2. Phosphotidyl Serine (PS) is a supplement that has been studied in clinical trials and has shown evidence of increasing lucidity and the rate of learning in those taking it. It apparently activates cell-to-cell communication, improves special receptor functioning, and prepares cells for activity.
  3. Vinpocetine, an extract derived from alkaloids found in the Periwinkle plant, is a cerebral vasodilator, meaning that it increases blood flow to the brain. Increase blood flow means an improvement in oxygenation which in turn increases mental alertness and strengthens acuity.
  4. Chocolate, dark chocolate specifically, improves mental alertness and has been shown to improve memory.
  5. Caffeine also has been shown to enhance thinking when it is an occasional supplement to the diet.
  6. Creatine is a compound found in meats. Research has shown that adding creatine to the diet can improve one’s memory and general intelligence.
  7. Fish is considered brain food. There isn’t one research study to counter fish as having the essential nutrients to boost your brain, so eat more of it!
  8. Olive oil is good for the memory and tastes good, too.
  9. Antioxidants of any kind boost cellular renewal and provide “charge” to the brain. Antioxidants are high in any “blue” or “purple” foods (think blueberries), but they are also in some wines and citruses.
  10. Vitamin C has been shown to increase IQ scores in children.
  11. Folic Acid is good for the memory.
  12. Inositol is a natural substance that is found with the B-vitamins. Many believe that it helps to reduce stress and clear the mind for calm, even thinking.
  13. Multi-vitamins have been touted as raising the IQ scores in children that take them daily.

There are many “brain foods” out there that you can eat, many of which contain the supplements listed about. Wheat grass and other greens are known to be good for the entire body, beets, as well. Just make sure to eat right, avoid sugars, and drink lots of water and your brain will thank you.








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