Rules for Long Term Fat Loss

Losing your fats is not as easy as when you start deciding that it’s time to be healthy. It could be easy for the first few weeks or months, but maintaining it as a long term is the hardest and most challenging part.   Here are some of the simple rules of successful dieting for…

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Herbs that Boost IQ

Nowadays, people gets on dietary plans to increase their bodies sexiness and enhance their beauty. What most people neglect is that there are also food that they can eat to increase their intelligence.   The following herbs and supplements have been shown in some cases to assist with boosting brain activity and helping to raise…

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Having a Healthy Glowing Skin

We often find ourselves being conscious with our skin – putting some products on our body to make sure that they will stay healthy and glowing just like the skin of the newborn baby. Not just women, but you may find men as well – buying skin and beauty products on the grocery store. I…

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