The Dangers of Poor Child Nutrition

  Feeding your child until he/she is satisfied is not enough to consider that they are getting enough nutrition for their body. Although being over-weight or obese are serious issues, there are far much worse consequences that can come as a result of poor nutrition. The scary thing is that some of these illnesses are…

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Spiritual Healing with Yoga

Not every ailments or illness can be felt or seen physically. An important aspect of person is his Spirit or state of mind which oftentimes you do not know suffers. Most main causes of diseases, ailments, and illnesses are because of poor diets, chemicals ingested in the form of medications or the general attitude of…

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How Yoga Help Stress and Hyper Activity Disorders

    Being stressed is never good. Being hyper active is neither better. Both problems may occur to anyone and dealing with them could be done in many ways. But one way found effective is to do Yoga.   Yoga is way to help individual with hyper activity problems. As this art form teaches the…

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