How Yoga Help Stress and Hyper Activity Disorders



Being stressed is never good. Being hyper active is neither better. Both problems may occur to anyone and dealing with them could be done in many ways. But one way found effective is to do Yoga.


Yoga is way to help individual with hyper activity problems. As this art form teaches the individual to increase the concentration levels and promotes mental and physical discipline it creates elements of confidence and the ability to focus better.

Balance is a technique practiced often in yoga exercises. Many of the positions involve shifting your weight to different parts of the body and balancing while breathing deeply. Controlled breathing exercises are associated with emotional management, which helps restore oxygen to the brain.

All this further trains the individual to slow down and be focused. In hyperactivity the link between the mind and body is disturbed, therefore with yoga the mind becomes more disciplined, while constantly promoting self-awareness and control.

Yoga works to relieve the stress levels which are a further contributing factor for the individual who already has to deal with hyperactivity. Yoga improves the individual’s ability to synchronize, de-stimulate an over active nervous system.

Another effect yoga can have when done on a regular basis is that it promotes strength, creating a stronger, leaner muscle. Exercises that build strength also promote sleep, which can help to regulate unhealthy sleep habits. Without enough sleep the problem-solving processes in the brain become diminished, which is another way yoga helps the mind to be able to operate at a high level. Yoga also improves concentration and creativity and creates sense of well-being and calm.

Participating in Yoga sessions is a good and easy way to relieve stress and hyper activity disorder. You just need to learn how to do it and then you can do it yourself and relieve yourself from these problems.